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What is Project X

Project X is a SaaS solution allowing API developers to monetize API-based products.


How it works

  1. Add one or several APIs on Project X.
  2. Project X API Gateway assigns a URL to each API. This URL is then used by your customers to make API calls.
  3. Create products by choosing which endpoints should be included in the product, configuring quotas, rate limits and premium features. See our examples.
  4. Define the pricing model.
  5. Create a Stripe account and enable Project X Stripe integration in your vendor's settings.
  6. Obtain a checkout link for your customers. The link will take them to Project X Self-Service Checkout where they will subscribe to your product.
  7. Once the customer pays the first invoice, the subscription gets activated.
  8. Now the customer is all set for making calls to the APIs via the Project X URL.
  9. Project X API gateway takes care of enforcing limitations defined in the product.
  10. Project X Billing issues invoices and lets the customer pay them.